The Botnet Attacked Symbian Based 3G Mobile Phone

Virus and malware can attack our PC and cellphones. Now, there is the first botnet attacked mobile device. It is a research result done by Trend Micro, a company focuses on malware research. This botnet will attack Symbian based mobile phone. You can download the botnet entitled SYMBOS_YXES.B from a “bad” mobile. The SYMBOS_YXES.B malware is able to send spammed SMS into the users’ mobile phone. Therefore, it will connect into the “bad” web. In other words, this SMS is called as the botnet for the phone.
A Symbian Information Source file can collect the information related to users’ ID, mobile phone’s information, and cell phone’s network from the infected phone device. The botnet can connect the infected cell phone into a web for sending this information.
The appearance of 3G based botnet has been predicted by a senior security advisor from Trend Micro, Rik Ferguson. He said that this kind of botnet would begin to attack mobile phones which offer 3 G facility in 2009. He also proposed to all of the mobile device companies to protect their cell phones to block communicating network from ‘bad’ sites. Ferguson also proposed them to protect their products from data encryption, spammed SMS, and URL filtering.

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