WaMu Checking Accounts

Checking accounts is a deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution. The purpose this service is to providing frequent access to funds on demand securely and quickly, through a variety of different channels. It is also referred to as demand accounts because the money is available on demand. A customer can deposit or withdraw any amount of money any number of times, subject to availability of funds.

One of financial institutions that offer checking account is WaMu. WaMu offers free checking services. You can get free checks with a WaMu personal checking account. Their service comes with free checks, free check safekeeping, and free wire transfers. They also offer Platinum Checking, WaMu’s interest checking account that comes with free bank checks and money orders and free Identity Theft Services.

By using a WaMu checking account, you can access your money wherever and whenever in the world with their Debit MasterCardĀ® or at thousands of their free ATMs.

Whether it’s free checking or interest checking, there’s a WaMu personal checking account that’s right for you.

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