5 Secrets To Performing Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

5 Secrets To Performing Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

5 Secrets To Performing Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

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Home Page > Arts & Entertainment > 5 Secrets To Performing Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

5 Secrets To Performing Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

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Posted: Feb 12, 2010 |Comments: 0
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The 5 Secrets of How To Perform Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

I’ve listed the 5 little known secrets behind performing incredible mind reading tricks.

1)You only need to know a maximum of 5 GOOD tricks – The common mistake for a beginner in mind reading and mentalism magic is to think they need to learn hundreds of tricks to impress their friends. The professionals know that this isn’t the case. You may see TV performers do hundreds of tricks with the help of a camera crew but when they are performing close up for people, they will only perform a maximum of about 5 tricks REALLY well. Know your 5 tricks inside out and make them last with a good story behind each effect.

2)Build a persona – I’ve gone into detail about this on many occasions but generally this means, all your tricks need to be congruent with each other and ‘make sense’ to the audience. If one minute you perform a simple card trick the perform a mind reading trick with the same pack of cards, they will label both tricks as simple sleight of hand magic tricks.

3)Have an explanation – This comes under building your persona but it is so important that it needs its own words. Have an explanation behind every trick you do, I don’t care if you say it’s psychic, you need to give a false explanation. If you do not do this, your audience will make up their own explanation and there is a danger of them thinking it was merely sleight of hand.

4)If you only want to be a magican, be one – There’s nothing worse than seeing a magician try and and do mind reading tricks, generally the audience won’t buy into it. If you want to be a magician, be one and stick to your sleight of hand card trick explanations. Leave the powerful mentalism tricks to the mentalists.

5)The old cliché – Practice makes perfect, as with most things we do in our lives, this home truth reigns supreme. Once you’ve found your persona and found your tricks, please practice them. Practice them in the mirror until you can do them with your eyes closed. You won’t regret it..

Soak up these secrets and understand them in order to perform incredible mind reading tricks..

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Adam Davies
About the Author:

To amaze people with mind reading tricks visit http://www.ultimatemindreading.com


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