Film Riot – Production Audio: What Mics to get & 3 Tips to Better Sound

Learn the basics of production audio to have your films sounding better than ever! episode 1 episode 2 episode3 episode 4
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Yilin, an ESL teacher and trainer from Seattle, gives several tips for improving English-language skills. Recorded in the TOEFL TV Studio at the TESOL 2009 Conference.

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33 Responses to “Film Riot – Production Audio: What Mics to get & 3 Tips to Better Sound”

  1. Very helpful video!Thanks a lot!I needed something like this!

  2. @filmriot How far away do you typically put lavalier mics if you’re using one to mic to people? One time I was shooting an interview with two interviewees (one of which was me), and I got pretty good sound with the mic clipped to jeans at the knee.

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  6. hey can you guys give us some tips on how to become better filmers and like sponsor us or tell us how to get sponsors and cheack out our page

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  8. hey ryan what if you dont have a mic input?

  9. haha.. i love the guy who smack his computer .. 😀

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  11. what kind of shotgun mic would you recommend for 100-300 bucks like brand name and stuff

  12. How i film a action movie and want to get them breathing but don’t want all that extra sound in between?

  13. @TYKEY10 I tried audacity but it didn’t read my video files correctly and the audio came out as a 1 second BLEEP. But I found out how to get rid of the hissing by decreasing the background noise by %55 in iMovie.

  14. @FerrrisWheelPro I have the same set up, in audacity, which you can get for free, there is a plugin where you can select a noise and it erases it from your video, including an annoying room tone. there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this in audacity on youtube, hope this helps!

  15. If you are not able to do the following to get rid of the hissing noise you get from a shotgun mic, is there anything you can do in a software to fix that? I have an ATR-6550 Shotgun Mic with a Kodak Zi8 camcorder.

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  18. What store can you buy shotgun mics

  19. Hey Josh I noticed that at the start of the episode that u made a “centered” or in other words a bleep or beep I was wondering how u could do that for something that would be live or as your filming?

  20. adam doesnt bite the apple its eve

  21. Hey mate! You should probably do a episode that covers post production audio! If you don’t im gonna have to break your arm… Not really but seriously do one!.. Or ill break your arm :) Not really i live in Australia and i cant be bothered going all the way over there so please just do it. Hoo roo

  22. how did you get your friends face on the real picture of spiderman?

  23. room tone can also be called a wildtrack

  24. Bless you

  25. Hey! Where would you find these kind of mics?

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  27. 1:56 Your Learning English By Using English!!!

  28. Good tips, especially the suggestion for reading newspapers and asking your teacher for feedback on your writing.

  29. Thanks you teacher,it helps.

  30. Thank you! For sharing with us your knowledge! More Power

  31. Thanks for the tips, ma’am!

  32. eso es cierto si ves las series, peliculas en ingles las palabras se te queda mucho en la memoria la pronunciacion, que quizas para los españoles es lo mas dificil.

  33. Thank you for the tips, it helps.