How much alcohol is used to “top off” a drink?

Question by Jeal: How much alcohol is used to “top off” a drink?
A recipe I am using requires me to “top off” the drink with sloe gin. Is there an official mesurement? Is the amount that would fit in a normal sized shotglass too much?

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Answer by duff007
yes a shot glass is too much, use about half of it (1/2oz)

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3 Responses to “How much alcohol is used to “top off” a drink?”

  1. To top off a drink you would finish filling the glass the drink is made for. If your using an over-sized glass or are unsure what sized glass the drink should be in then put one shot on the top.

  2. dont really know i count to two….

  3. Use a teaspoon or less of sloe gin, it’s not the best tasting stuff. Topping off and floating ingredients, allows you to gradually taste the different flavors, taste the top ingredient first-last if you use a straw, etc.