How To Hot-Wire a Car

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25 Responses to “How To Hot-Wire a Car”

  1. Why not just unscrew the switch at the back of the ignition lock?

  2. 10 facts:

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    2.You are realizing that is a stupid fact didn’t notice I skipped three 5. You’re checking now

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  3. cuz everyone wants a car that was made before the mid fucking 90’s. fail.

  4. @yugyn2003 yeh im right so why am i a fucking idiot

  5. why would anyone hotwire their own car?? its all about hot wiring other peoples cars

  6. BTW how did u get in the car in the first place?

  7. You can just walk with an extra key in your wallet, saved me many times.

  8. dude wheres my car?

  9. thanks, im gunna go jack my algebra teachers lambo now

  10. thanks, im gunna go jack my malgebra teachers lambo now

  11. Never hot-wire anyone’s car but your own…. hmmm 😀

  12. No ill just do it GTA style

  13. Thanks Howcast!!! I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by stealing another man’s car by using your helpful tips!! YOU ROCK!!! m/

  14. how to enter your car if you lost your keys

  15. Thanks HowCast!

    I was able to hotwire my car after losing my keys somewhere in my office late at night in a dangerous city! LOLNOT Srsly, you guys are like the criminal’s “How do they do it”

  16. shhhhhhhhhh xD this thing actually worked! o.0 got a new april fools prank! >:O

  17. what kind of car was that?

  18. Kicking anybody’s ass who asks too many questions is enough proof of ownership!

  19. @blablablajhu fail

  20. Step 1: Try to be Black
    Step 2: pay a stripper to dance in public to distract any nearby police officers

  21. why would you hot wire your own car…

  22. Why the f*ck do you guys have videos like this? you do understand that by posting up videos like this, it’ll increase the amount of stolen cars etc!? Sheesh, use common sense people! HowCast should be banned!

  23. My car was robbed at 12/3/2010.

    Thanks HowCast!

  24. Thanks Howcast! My car got stolen!

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