How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINT

Painting of the Mona Lisa using Microsoft paint. Original painting time 2hrs 30mins. Plays in under 5 minutes. Thank you everyone who voted for this video in the 2007 YouTube Video Awards.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

READ THIS FIRST This is going to fix your red ring of death, all you need is a T9 screwdriver, electrical tape, silicone base thermal paste, and 4 sets of 2 pennies (8 all together if your not good at math). This has worked on my friend’s xbox for a 2 years and a half now, and mine worked for about a year. If you want more info, send me a message or video response this video. **Update** Yes, you can still use live when you are done, no it will not ban your account. Just make sure you have everything plugged in and try using the xbox without live first to make sure everything is perfect. Then you can plug in live and your xbox is set. Update**** Im so glad a lot of people have found my video helpful. I have gotten about 50 comments/messages saying that you guys have fixed your xbox. Glad to hear you guys are doing great :) **UPDATE** A lot of people are having similar problems. let me tell you how to fix them. Q: Do I have to use thermal paste? A: YES, if you don’t the bonding will melt and destroy your system. ____________________________________ Q:I have 2 red lights, what do I do now? A:2 read lights means overheating. Have you tried the towel trick yet? if so, check the pennies, make sure they are on properly. _______________________________________ Q: Why Pennies??? A: Pennies contain copper, a mineral that is very conductive of heat. Being conductive of heat, it will absorb the heat your xbox is putting out and keep it there instead of the chips
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINT”

  1. WOW.

  2. @missmuggledetector no he’s not god…he’s Da Vinci!

  3. @missmuggledetector LOL MS Paint is not Shitty program…
    why does It come to people that MS Paint is the shit…
    Well In fact That you can save over a 1000 dollars If you use this instead of that Photoshop, GIMP or Sai….

  4. sera hijoputa!

  5. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That is amazing Im now gonna see if I can use pen tablet in Paint I have a feeling the answer is no and this is really amazing work if you didnt get to use a pen tablet makes it even more amazing

  7. purfect copy…

  8. Its….beautiful…

  9. Thank God Leonardo Da? Vinci wasn’t born in this era. His masterpieces might have blue screened before he’d press save.

  10. I always wondered what was missing in the real painting….. Oh yeah eyebrows


  12. @FerociousApplesauce Agreed. MS Paint is pretty good.

  13. OMG!!! U R A PRO!!!

  14. you, people have talents. those talents are art.

  15. WOWWW

  16. HOW THE..?!
    you must be god.

  17. OH MY FUCKING GOD… Leonardo Da Vinci is REINCARNATED!!!

  18. are you Leonardo Da Vinci?

  19. =O

  20. @missmuggledetector Actually Ms paint is not the shittiest program.

  21. Da Vinci Knew this all along…

  22. @masteraar57 Or maybe not lol idk, sorry

  23. @masteraar57 Not everyone can paint something like this!!!

  24. sa buong labintatlong taong buhay ko, this is the 3rd time na mapanganga ako,this video is awesome!!!

  25. It”s very super

  26. why do you need 8 penny’s when he uses 4

  27. why do you need 8 penny’s when he uses 4

  28. @ninja6kid I wouldnt do that think about electricity bills :L But i have to agree i had a playstation 3 Better hardware than xbox but the thing that caught my attention to the xbox360 was it’s wide range of good game sure ps3 has killzone but if i were to choose xbox or ps3 it would be xbox mostly cause all my friends play it thats about it

  29. I happened upon a RROD 360 that my wifes brother tried repairing. I put the thing back together and was getting the RROD. I took it apart and tried this trick and about 6 months later after semi frequent use (40 + hours a week) it’s still working. This fix may not work for everybody, so I would advise caution and do not void a warranty if you don’t have to. IF you’re out of warranty, then you really have nothing to lose…


  31. After I did the trick, the 360 fan gets really loud, I hear 2 large rumbles, then it is 2 red rings. Then after that, now when I turn it on, it is just the center light green, nothing on the tv screen (pitch black), then I get red rings after about 2 minutes. Please I CANNOT afford another 360 if you could please tell me what to do.

  32. It worked!! but then after about a week it started to turn on and the fans would get really fast and loud then I would get 2 red lights. I checked my pennys for holes and all that… Do you know if there might be another problem or solution PLEASE help me thanks. Oh btw im 13 years old and i did this fix… its really not that hard. If you can inbox me solutions or suggestions.

  33. Anyway, so the main reason why RROD keeps showing us because of those crappy heat thingys? does this work on all Xboxes with RROD?

  34. The dude just fingered the motherboard, ofcourse it’ll work!

  35. do u have xbox live ? …. if u do whats your gamertag?


  37. So I bought a pair of RROD’d 360’s off of craigslist for 40 bucks, opened one up, did this fix, and she works like a charm. I didn’t even need to towel trick it either! Also I am a total idiot when it comes to this kind of shit, so this isn’t a hard fix. I don’t know how long this will work but I am sure stoked that I now have a working xbox for 40 bucks (and have another one to play with too!).
    Thanks for this video man, very cool.

  38. Why is it that everybody i know that has a ps3 uses it only to watch movies “it’s more of a media centre” they all say!! Buy a dvd player, GAY!!!!

  39. xbox cunts

  40. @ninja6kid The reason it gets the RRoD so easily is because Microsoft decided instead of taking their time and putting an extra fan they decided to go the cheap fast way and put those stupid heat pads in.

  41. I think we can tell it was customs painted. It looks like crap!

  42. My XBOX got the one red ring last night. Watched this tutorial, gathered the tools and went to work. Hour later I currently have a working XBOX that’s 3.5 years old. Thank you for posting this video!!

  43. @ninja6kid hey dumbass nobody fucking likes shitty ass killzone more than half of the gamers on earth have played a halo game and enjoy it we have gears of war and what do yu guys have? LITTLE BIG PLANET!

  44. @ninja6kid i had a 40 gig for 3 years brok down on me durin a mw2 lobby last september n had a few more problems dont work so bout 2 mouthns ago i bout a 320 gig 😀

  45. @Peacockmuffin nothing it actually worked for me ill post a vid response

  46. can you use Hockey Tape, instead of Electrical Tape?

  47. Um I used sum kind of almost clear tape with pennies and I didn’t have those black squares like u guys have on your xbox, but seems to work fine. Hopefully it lasts a while. Thanks man. Much appreciated :)


  49. guys it worked fine for me, but i recommend also cleaning the motherboard with rubbing alcohol, aswell as the radiator

  50. i think you got it wrong isnt it the great rings of fire?