Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback

UConn Football player Johnny McEntee showing his skills in the offseason.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

An amazing science trick with smoke and a flame. Try it at home. You’ll be blown away!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback”

  1. when i grow up i wanna be just like johnny

  2. Song Name ?

  3. Impressive… very!

  4. holy shit

  5. That black guy looked retarded xD

  6. @mattfish250 .. that awesome haha

  7. WOW!


  9. “i wanna be just like johnny”
    gotta love the token black guy’s

  10. i dont care if this guy makes the nfl or not this is a great video

  11. Man, you are great! I know you had to edit some of this, but stil… great!

  12. He must be really good at Angry Birds.

  13. Stop asking for songs…
    1/ 00:00 -> M.I.A – Paperplanes
    2/ 2:24 -> MGMT – Kids

  14. So he should be able to make those throws playing it 24/7.

  15. So he should be able to make those throws playing it 24/7.

  16. i wanna be just like johnnyLOL

  17. FFS! Stop using aimbot u fking robot

  18. @klemmelemm thank you 😀

  19. @simsxD the second song is Kids by MGMT

  20. @Aleexx1992 the first is M.I.A paperplanes.. the second, i would like to know too

  21. whats the name of the second song? 😀

  22. What music?

  23. @Keepittokin Loooooooooooooooooooooooooool


  25. alex tanney of monmouth college is the best!

  26. @Rowais1991 Not really, you just wanted to shoe off that you watch HIMYM. Douche

  27. the magic of science! 😀

  28. omg i just did it wuz cool

  29. Wax vapor is flammable. Very simple.

  30. dosent work

  31. holy shit it worked!

  32. What trick can you pull on your parents if you burned down the house doing this?

  33. This video is Legen,wait for it,Dary

  34. This video is Legen
    wait for it

  35. SICK

  36. He He He he, Ha Ha Ha MUAHAHAHA

  37. Love it…tried it and it works. Nice man…

  38. i got laid because of this

  39. OMG porno music… Slow mo replay, close up replay? You have watched a lot of porn my friend, aye?

  40. holy crap awsome

  41. holy crap it worked!!!!

  42. @docsharp00 i,m sorry i speak nat zo good engels

  43. @mykebrianb Install ad blocker plus. It is the best browser add on ever :)

  44. @levyjansen Sorry, not peaking you language. do not understand.

  45. @docsharp00 wat bedoel je met porno muziek oke ik weet dat dat een sex website is maar ach

  46. now do that after you inhale some Gasoline.

  47. i hate these ads!

  48. It works actually!!

  49. @Deathplanvadious yes it does

  50. @Deathplanvadious yes u can try it at home