What are some tricks to a better nights sleep?

Question by stevenSB: What are some tricks to a better nights sleep?
I’m sort of an insomniac and I was wondering if there are any remedies or tricks to falling asleep faster, better, and longer?

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Answer by lisaaaaaa.
you should get a sleepnumber bed and set it to 100. and sleep in the middle.

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3 Responses to “What are some tricks to a better nights sleep?”

  1. 1. Don’t do mind stimulating things before bed.
    2. Make sure there aren’t any lights on. (we tend to sleep better in the dark)
    3. Try to do things that relax you (breathing exercises, praying, reading, etc…
    4. don’t stay up too late the night before.
    5.try to keep your sleep cycles stable.

  2. Well avoid caffeine for a couple of hours before you get into bed. its a stimulant so it really does make a difference. dont eat heavily near to bedtime and avoid sugary snacks.
    Having a warm shower can really help as it does make you feel more awake for a bit but it relaxes your body and gets rid of the tightness in the skin.
    Buy a lavender plant and when the flowers are out pick some each night and place some in a cloth on your pillow or inside your pillow.
    Drop your room temperature by a couple of degrees- we fall asleep quicker when we are colder.
    Turn off any electrical equipment in your room
    Where ear plugs and a sleep mask. they really help me as its surprising what distracts you .
    Drink 2 glasses of water before you plan to try and sleep, (go to toilet right before u go to bed if you can!) apparently it helps you sleep deeper.
    Hope that helps a bit

  3. Either of these site have some great information about how to get to sleep.